So You’re Thinking About A Scavenger Hunts But- What Is A Scavenger Hunt?

Our scavenger hunts use witty, tricky questions in fast-paced games that bring out the best in a fascinating place—and the best in you and your teammates. The hunts are like walking tours spiked with caffeine. A scavenger hunt is a lot of fun, a strong relationship-builder, an active way to get to know a city or resort location and an excellent team building activity for your next event.

How Our Scavenger Hunt Works

On most of our scavenger hunts, you’re hunting for objects and answers to tricky and humorous questions about the intriguing places and objects you discover. Typically the game lasts two hours but on private scavenger hunts the length can be customized to meet your needs.

No previous knowledge is required: You just need a sharp mind and comfy shoes. The best teams quickly learn that they must use the strengths of everyone in the group. (This is also why our scavenger hunts are great for corporate team building.)  Of particular relevance to corporate groups, participants are more successful in our team building programs if they use business skills such as problem-solving, creativity, time management, prioritization and decision-making.