Smithsonian Scavenger Hunt DC

Smithsonian Ultimate Adventure Scavenger Hunt

Smithsonian Ultimate Adventure Scavenger Hunt

This is always one of our most fun events but this time with a twist.

It is an amazing time in Washington this weekend.  Time to hunt for American History, Space Exploration, Dinosaurs, and the Hope Diamond all in one.

Join us at this incredibly popular event. Although it may be cold outside, today’s scavenger hunt takes place throughout several Smithsonian museums on the National Mall. Look for items, answer trivia, get exciting pictures and win big prizes!

How does it work?

1) Upon arrival we will break you into teams. Each team will be given a list of several items to retrieve, pictures to take or answers to get from the museums. The items are all of little or no cost.

2) The list will also contain a location in a particular museum where each team must check in by a certain time. Each team should take whatever items it has and proceed to that location by the designated time. If you are late, you lose points. Teams are not expected to retrieve all of the items listed.

3) Throughout the day, at each location, points will be calculated, teams will get a brief time to rest, and teams will be given a different list of items to retrieve and take to the next location. There will be 3 – 4 different check-ins throughout the area. At each check-in, teams will be given different scavenger hunt lists for a different respective museum.

4) Bonuses are given to the first team to arrive at each respective location. Teams will leave each location in the order in which they arrived. The winning team will be the one that collects the most points. Prizes will be awarded to the top teams.

There will be a special treats waiting for everyone at the finish line.

Throughout the day, you’ll learn about and explore fascinating subjects of a wide range. There are over 100 items listed and what you see depends upon your team’s resolve, speed and ability to have fun!

Note: The race starts at noon sharp!

Be sure to bring an Android or Apple mobile device. One is required for each team.

Suggested Attire:

National Mall
National Mall Entrance of the Air & Space Museum
Washington, DC
(Nearest Metro Stop is L’enFant Plaza & Smithsonian)

See event website @ Scavenger Hunt DC

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